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List Assist Realty is a Licenced Real Estate Brokerage recently established to meet the growing need for Flat Fee MLS Mere Postings.
List Assist Realty is a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. List Assist Realty is owned and managed by Andrew Laity. Andrew is happy to offer the lowest cost real estate services in British Columbia. Andrew has spent many years trying to formulate, in his opinion, the best way to sell a home, and he has achieved this with List Assist Realty. 
In fact we charge the lowest fees in the industry with NO hidden fees or transaction costs.

Cost of Real Estate


Mere Listing Breakdown
Real Estate Agent Profit
Franchisee Brokerage Profit
Franchisor Company Profit
High Exposure Brick and Mortar Office Expense
Real Estate Agents Expense: Advertising, Education, Vehicle, Insurance, Equipment, Signage, Supplies

The Real cost of real estate services and why you were paying so much.


In a tradition real estate office high commissions are set because of high overhead.


List Assist Realty is able to take out the middlemen mark ups and high costs of operation saving you a lot of money on real estate commission

Mere Posting

It is a fact, any Real Estate Agent will tell you the Real Estate Industry has changed. However, average real estate fees have stayed the same.

We are a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage that charges low fees but encourages the sellers to offer a fair buyer's agent commission. 



MLS Mere Listing


MLS® is the single most powerful marketing tool to help sell your home

Recent figures suggest 90% of homes in Canada are sold through MLS®.

MLS® is a co-operative database for realtors, home sellers and buyers.

How the MLS® works?
  • Seller Decides to Sell
  • Seller contracts with a Realtor to sell home
  • Home is listed on the MLS®
  • Buyer decides to Buy a Home
  • Buyer contracts with a Realtor to help find a Home

    Buyers realtor searches for the buyer through MLXchange (a agent only program)

    Buyers search for themselves on MLS.ca and realtylink.org

Without the MLS® the buyers agent would not show the buyer the property and the buyer would not know about the propterty.

Real Estate Comission
Mere Listing MLS

Listing agent receives

$9180 + G.S.T

(54% of total commission)

You save HERE with List Assist when you sell your home (Listing cost from $ 550 - $ 2750)
House Listing

House Sold for


Total Comission

Total commission
$ 17,000 + G.S.T
(7% on 1st $100,000 / 2.5% on remainder)

When listing with List Assist Reatly we encourage the seller to offer cooperating agents the same commission they are accustomed to.

Mere Listing MLS

Buyers agent receives
$ 7820 + G.S.T
( 46% of total commission)